William Hill’s Stand on Problem Gambling

With the introduction of gambling, many people found a source of making extra cash on the games that they like. Over the years, more and more people enrolled in gambling across the world. However, the gambling industry has failed to perform its role in preventing the negative effects of gambling.


According to William Hill, the stakeholders in the wider gambling industry have launched a new approach to the matter to prevent more harm caused by gambling.William Hill appointed Lyndsay Wright as their first-ever director of sustainability. This gives her an additional role to her already existing roles like the one in charge of strategy and investor relations. According to Lyndsay Wright, the response to gambling-related problems is very significant for the future of the gambling industry. In addition, she stated a number of commitments the William Hill was putting in place to curb problems arising from gambling.


As part of the campaign to end gambling-related problems, Lyndsay Wright stated that William Hill as a company is pushing for the registration of all products across the industry. She also added that the firm is taking an active role in the push for reforms in advertising around live sports. The campaign against gambling problems is a result of repeated calls by the Gambling Commission to have the stakeholders in the gambling industry reduce the negative effects of gambling, especially on television advertising.


Lyndsay Wright stated that the company has been working to correct the matter for more than nine months. She added that the company is very cautious about the significant decline in people’s perception concerning both the company and the gambling industry at large within the past few years. Also, Lyndsay said that to understand the issue better and respond to it in the right way, the gambling industry needed to ask tough questions within itself and that it’s the ambition of all stakeholders in the gambling industry to ensure gambling harms nobody.


According to the Gambling Commission, more than 400,000 people within Britain are problem gamblers. The Commission also added that with there are over two million people who are exposed to the risk of becoming problem gamblers. Research showed that for every one who becomes a problem gambler, there are at least six people who are indirectly affected. This showed that the gambling firms have failed to attain what is expected of them and that the reputation of the gambling industry was at stake.


According to Wright, the issue of gambling problems is broad and requires urgent attention for the long-term success of William Hill as well as the entire gambling industry. She added that William Hill is a company that has been in existence for eighty-four years and it needs to handle gambling problems with a lot of care and in the right way for it to survive for a longer period. She added that it is the company’s desire to have the clients not only enjoy gamble but also stay gambling for a long time.



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