Jeremy Kyle Show on ITV Lands New Sponsorship from Sun Bingo

Starting Monday 16th July 2018, the UK’s online bingo property Sun Bingo has just confirmed on taking over the lead sponsorship to the daytime program on ITV, The Jeremy Kyle Show. Hannah Swales who is the head of Sun Bingo confirmed to the market for the sponsorship. She stated that the show would become the latest Sun Bingo’s high profile lead partnership.


The tabloid talk show has been in broadcast since 2005 being broadcasted each weekday at 0925h and is considered a long-standing flagship asset for the ITV studios programming. Up-to-date it has recorded over 3000 episodes where Jeremy Kyle together with other guests tries to solve the raised confrontations.


Speaking to the media, Hannah Swales said, “The Jeremy Kyle Show is one of the UK’s prime daytime TV shows with over 3000 episodes to date. We are excited to be partnering up with ITV and we will be looking to build on our latest campaign of ‘Are you Gonna Bingo’ to deliver a fun engaging message to a brand new audience.”


Regarding the sponsorship, Sun Bingo intends to use the programs social media inventory which represents a first for any commercial partner which is involved with the Jeremy Kyle Show.


The sponsorship has also seen the Sun Bingo secure the TV idents for the morning talk show as a promotional platform. They have even brought back UKs female comedian Jayde Adams as the face of the video on demand promotional content dubbed, “Are you Gonna bingo?”


In support of the sponsorship, Sun Bingo has appointed Pulse London sister agency The&Partnership as a marketing lead. They are to assist in the creation of creative content and messages that are aimed at promoting the company.


The partnership will see The&Partnership help in refreshing and rebranding the brand. This will be done through a targeted campaign spanning TV, through the print, the digital and social media campaign as well as through the radio campaigns with the title, ‘Are you Gonna Bingo?’ Starting last week on Wednesday the campaign went on air being directed by the acclaimed director Jack Clough. Jack Clough is a renowned director, having recently directed BAFTA which is a winning comedy series, ‘People Just Do Nothing.’


In an interview, Sun’s marketing boss Kate Bird said, “Our readers and customers love the Sun brand for being proud and fun, so we challenged The&Partnership London to refresh our award-winning, world-breaking-record Sun Bingo brand in a fun and exciting way.”


To attract new and younger audience to the Sun Bingo’s online gambling, they have brought in Jayde Adams with a funny grime inspiring music video. The video has been featured at a bus stop, on the red carpet, at a tea plantation and also as she is sitting on the back of a talking racehorse.


Using the comedian has brought in a lot of social media attention. Jayde has previously won different honors including Funny Women Awards in 2014 and recently won the Best Newcomer award at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards in 2016.


ITV is set to run the ident on the show, through span prints and also in the social media. Its main aim is reminding the viewers that they can play anytime, anywhere on their smartphone with Sun Bingo. They are also focusing on bringing on board a new audience.


Yan Elliott who is the Joint Executive Creative Director at The&Partnership London remarked, “It was a delight to have comedian Jayde Adams back in the studio from our ‘Are you Gonna Bingo?’ campaign to help us create some genuinely funny, relatable characters. The partnership with Jeremy Kyle is perfect for the brand, and we hope Jayde and her pals keep audiences as entertaining as the show does!”



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