Monzo and Starling Banks Gives a Helping Hand to Gambling Addiction in UK

Based on reviews, there are almost 528,000 people in the UK who are addicted to gambling.Among this people, 80% of them face bad debts that end up crippling them regarding financial status.


As we all know gambling is very addictive and can be hard to stop once you get into it. Challengers banks Monzo and Starling have decided to help the addicts to achieve their dreams of ending gambling by coming up with an option of blocking all the payments to gambling operators. This means that no payment can be made to any betting shop or site from your current account once you enable the feature on their apps.


This option will be a great help to those players who are trying to stop spending much of their money on gambling. Tony Franklin, one of the people who has tried using the application to prevent the bad habits, spoke to The Daily Mail and he confessed to having lost his home and his family twice as a result of gambling. He continued to say that the gambling life had consumed most of his adult life. He says that using the application is the only and the best way to get out of gambling. He says with the app you cannot fall back to “cauldron of chaos” as he described it.


Tony said that gambling had affected his whole life; family, friends, employment, financial status, housing and making matters worse even his health. Mr. Tony is now recovering from the bad habits, and he says his bank has great played a significant role in keeping him on track. His financial status is slowly getting back to where it should be. However, he still has some debts yet to be paid but he believes with time he will manage to pay them all.


Now the two banks, Monzo and Starling are helping all the current account holders to quit the bad habits. Before the two banks came up with this applications, players had to talk to the different gambling operators so as they could block themselves from receiving payments from the player. Sterling bank was the first to come with this feature that helps players block payments to the operators. Monzo followed closely and came up with a feature too. The two challenger banks have accounts that are operated using a mobile app. Another bank that has the feature is Barclaycard. It allows its credit card holders block their card from all gambling transactions. They do so by talking to the customer care.


Those with Starling current accounts they can block the transaction by switching on a feature that is on the app. As long as the application is on, anytime one tries to make payments to a registered gambling operator the transaction will be rejected. One can unblock the payments on the app using the feature as long as they want but a message will pop-up prompt them to seek help from the National Gambling Helpline.


Those with Monzo current account can as well use the app to block payments to gambling operators, or they can do so by talking to the customer services through the messaging feature on the app. Any payment to a registered gambling operator will be rejected too. When one feels like unblocking the payments, they will need to talk to the customer services using the feature on the app. They will be asked several questions about the situation and the team will encourage the customer to rethink. If the client still wants to go ahead, it will take 48 hours to switch off the blocker.



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    im glad this post was able to give me a few reminders as an online gambler. There should be a limitation to it. great stuff

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