2018 World Cup: UK Gambling Advertising Received Criticism


Over 90% of TV advertising breaks during most of UK live football matches consist of at least one type of gambling advert. This according to a recent study by Victoria Derbyshire, which evaluated well over 25 games, which involved live soccer broadcasting in the UK


More so, one in five of the commercials displayed during 25 matches, was for betting purposes.

The UK government has recently considered the implementation of the appropriate controls for the ever-increasing number of gambling ads.


According to betting firms, the adverts have `limited impact` on gambling rates

Based on a contract with the industry, advertisements can only be broadcasted after 9 pm, with an exception in sporting events.


Early this year, countries such as Belgium and Australia passed a law to ban gambling adverts that were broadcast before the watershed period

Just in the previous month, the Local Government insisted that improved restrictions needed to be implemented to control the advertisements. According to the government, there was an increasing concern about the number of gambling adverts, which were compromising the state’s ability to be socially responsible for growth.


The state outlined the fact that adverts in the live matches were broadcasted to millions of viewers which also included children, while most of the Premier League and Championship teams received funding from betting companies


Besides that, a recent similar study conducted by the Goldsmiths University showed that an average of 250 distinct adverts was displayed during the BBC`S Match of the Day Session. Most of these adverts were on hoardings, post-match interviews, just to name a few. These advertisements have caused concern all over the country, with many believing that it should be controlled.


The UK advertising watching is also evaluating various claims about the irregularities in advertising by several betting companies. Some of these companies including Bet365, Coral, William Hill, just to name a few. It is reported that the advertising standards authority of the UK received hundreds of claims from views about the gambling ads which were broadcasted during the World Cup. This well over three times the number the watchdog receive in the previous month before the World Cup had started.


Most of the complaints received by the watchdog group are related to the number of gambling ads that appeared during the competition. Other groups also determined earlier in the week that World Cup viewers in the UK were exposed to an average of 90 minutes of betting ads. Most of the complaints also mentioned that the gambling adverts were irresponsible and insensitive to children.


Increased restrictions and regulations on advertising are to be expected in the next few coming weeks.These restrictions are likely to be released by the Department for the Culture, Digital, Media and Sports at some point this year.


The government has also taken a stance on the issue by stating that `gambling companies` have the role of protecting their players. More so, the state also added that more work is required if these results are to be achieved.



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