Wagering Sports Betting Causes Optimism to Giant Gambling Firm

Paddy power Betfair has scaled its revenue up to a tune of 7 percent reaching to 867 million pounds in a bare six months ending at June 30th. According to interim results, the gambling giant registered underlying earnings of 217 million pounds in constant currency terms scaling up by 1 percent.


Before tax, profits were up by 4 percent reaching 106 million pounds in the half year period. The CEO affirmed that the firm had made significant milestones against its strategic priorities. He further added that trading through the second quarter was good and the firm boasted of busy and successful months. He, however, confirmed that the double-digit growth was as a result of contributions from all brands and the various firm’s operating divisions.


Individually, different operating divisions showed a correlation in individual revenue increase with Australia registering a 19 percent increase and the United States 20 percent, all during the second quarter. This was despite the headwinds experienced in both the US and Australia. However, the gambling giant disappointed investors as it missed its projected six months revenue growth. Alistair Ross, an analyst at Investec, termed the performance as a ‘’solid miss’’.


Talking to the FTSE, the firm’s CEO claimed that the full-year projection was partly influenced by changes in the tax regime changes effected in Australia as well as the 770 million dollar takeover deal with US sports company FanDuel.


Despite missing the half year 9.9 percent revenue projection by a big lag, the firm managed a 13 percent increase in revenue in the second quarter. According to Ed Monk, a director at Fidelity Personal Investing, Paddy Power Betfair is bound to gain from the already opening betting markets in the United States. He further affirmed that through its expansion of FanDuel site, pricing of shares rose and investors now expect to realize a rise in operational performance and subsequent growth in the market share onwards.


Experts in the firm have further given an expectation that the earnings before interest, taxation, depreciation, and amortization should lie between 460 million pounds and 480 million pounds prior to the impact caused of US betting. This is as a result of a recent reflection in the trading stance with an overwhelming anticipated performance in gaming. This is after an offset by prolonged weakness in horse racing revenues, Australian taxes impact, and an increase in product fee as well as the addition of the FanDuel fantasy sports in the firm’s operation.


Looking at the agreement between Paddy Power Betfair and FanDuel in July, the gambling giant is expected to offer more daily fantasy games-which will open the market enormously. The firm’s CEO affirmed. He continued to assert that FanDuel has created a large online business portfolio after entering an agreement with Boyd Gaming. The firm is expected to cover an extensive national stretch including New Jersey. This was possible after a Supreme Court ruling allowing individual states to come up with their own independent betting laws. Additionally, the CEO has confirmed that the firm is now better-positioned in-terms of visibility and regulatory of fiscal changes stretching across the UK, US, and Australia. In this respect, the company is expected to build a sustainable business position that will guarantee shareholders good returns over a long time.


According to the company, the key ways of surviving the wagering market in the US is by ensuring brand recognition from the widely stretched customer base, ensuring market access and investing substantially in the operating capabilities of the firm. It is important to note that significant optimism has been realized by the company owing to the largely wagering sports markets in the US.


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