Casino Industry Secretly made a Huge Donation to Institute of Economic Affairs

The casino industry made a huge £8,000 donation to the Institute of Economic Affairs. This was to allegedly sway the findings of the report which subsequently called for the current ban on the establishments of extra casinos be lifted.


IEAIt is alleged that the senior members of the National Casino Industry Forum met the authors shortly before they released the final draft of the report. They also received feedback and briefs of the report before they were finally released to the public.


In its final form, the report did not include any references to the owners of casinos who eventually made the said donation. This is notwithstanding the fact that the National Casino Industry Forum did indeed confirm having made the stated donation.


This report called for the scrapping of the limits that currently exist on the establishment of newer casinos. In particular, the report called for allowing middle-sized towns and cities be allowed to accept the establishments of newer casinos.


In reactions to these allegations, the Institute of Economic Affairs argued that several people and institutions outside the body had been privy to these reports. It also denied any likelihoods of such previous access influencing or swaying the final outcomes of the report.


These revelations came to the fore courtesy of the initiative of the Guardian newspaper. This newspaper had revealed how the said Institute had facilitated access to senior government officials. In particular, the said body had organized an an-hour long meeting between US investors and Steve Baker, who at that time was the Brexit minister.


Many members of the British public have expressed anger and dissatisfaction with these revelations. Many have persistently asked whether the institution and its outcomes have been compromised. They have also cast doubts over the credibility of the results and their findings.

In light of these, they have called for an in-depth investigation into the activities of the Institute of Economic Affairs. They have particularly narrowed down to the latest findings with the aim of ascertaining whether they are indeed credible or not.


Several persons and institutions have stepped in to solve the menace. The Charity Commission and Ms. Alice White have gladly taken up the challenges. The commission aims at determining whether there was a breach of the existing charity laws. Ms. Alice White, on the other hand, wants to know whether the Institute of Economic Affairs overstepped its boundaries as it compiled its report.

The director of the Institute of Economic Affairs, Mark Littlewood, has also confided to an undercover investigator that its clients have the abilities to fund and shape substantial contents considerably. This investigation was spearheaded by the Unearthed which is a part of the Greenpeace.


Labour Party also alleged that the Institute of Economic Affairs had carried out extensive lobbying as well as controversial political campaign activities to pursue specific policy goals. These it says, went well beyond the purview of its objectives as an ‘educational charity.’


Despite the overwhelming evidence, the Institute of Economic Affairs denied any involvements in foul play. Its director categorically stated that donors had no leeway influence the final outcomes and conclusions of the research findings. He went on to state that his institute has no apologies to make for educating politicians and other persons in the highest levels of government.


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