Bushtucker Trial Challenge Raises £2 Million just for Charity from Mecca Bingo

It is a one of a kind celebration inside the Mecca Bingo Birkenhead buildings for a job well done. Unlike other companies who engage in charity as a marketing plan, it is undeniable that Mecca Bingo staff does it with passion.


It is in their consistency and their recently completed challenge “Bushtucker trial” that raised £2 million which was meant to go to Carers Trust. Carer Trust is an organization that provides

support to all careers above the age of 16 with all the help they need.


The Rank group which owned Mecca and Grosvenor casinos got into partnership with the Career Trust in February 2014. Since this time employees from both companies under Rank group have been consistently contributing together in one pool that is aimed at providing financial support to a liberal agenda on helping carers have a less challenging life.


It has been in their routine to participate in such like events in the past, but the most recent one which has been worth the talk of the town. The senior team at Mecca Bingo started a “Bushtucker Trial Challenge” in which it featured unusual food recipes which worked in handy as a fundraising campaign motive. The menu included critter cocktails, mealworms, buffalo worms, creepy crawlies, with all these lies on a bed of lettuce sprinkled with some dry cricket flour.


The team from Chester put in all their efforts in these charity fundraising campaigns. Thanks to all those who keep up with the consistency sacrificing their time, money and attention to someone who really needs them. This is a good example of how companies should be focusing on how to give back to the community in a memorable way. It is not a common thing to find a company raising such a big amount dedicated to charitable purposes. Therefore we appreciate the efforts and dedication made by everyone at Mecca Bingo Birkenhead who contributed to making this such a big success.


The Rank Group chief executive commended the act and expressed his pride with his team in their support at reaching the £2m milestone. He said that his team worked hard throughout the year to make sure they genuinely offer the best they could give to our charity fundraising programs. He added, “the achievement would not have been possible if all employees could not have offered their dedication and incredible support.” For sure it seems the company’s goals are well aligned alongside its employees no wonder chief executives from both companies noticed about the unity in how goals are achieved in Mecca Bingo was a thing of common interest to all. Gilles Meyer, the chief executive of Carers Trust, pointed out more on the humanity side of it.


According to its research, it claims that the UK currently hosts seven million carers. Therefore Meyer concludes that three in every five of us will end up being carers at some point in their lifetime. Some of these carers find themselves in desperate needs for things that charity funds will be of great help to them. Dave Lowry the general manager at Mecca Bingo, Chester generally just thanked every team member, customers and everyone who has taken something out of his pocket for the joy of other needy groups in the society.


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