Frequently Asked Questions

What is online Bingo?

Online Bingo is a way to play the traditional game of Bingo over the Internet. Rather than visiting a Bingo hall you can create an online account which enables you to play with a virtual community of Bingo players, all over the Internet. It's a chance to have fun, meet new people whilst having a chance of winning some money online.

How many Free deals can I sign up for?

All of the deals on the site are for new customers only. This means if you have an existing account with one of the sites listed you won't be able to get the free deal with them.

What if I alreay have an online Bingo account?

Please take a look at some of the other deals we have for other Bingo sites. Our deals are targeted at new customers so you must be a new customer to get the Free bingo bonus on offer.

Can I open multiple accounts with the same Bingo site?

Usually not, no. It's usually against their terms & conditions to open multiple accounts for the same person. We don't recommend you do this, as it's likely that any bonuses you gain from this will be taken away and you could have your account closed. We advise you to play fair, and only open one account for each bingo site.

How many bingo accounts can I have?

Only one with each site - but you can create a new account with as many sites as you like. It's good to try different sites as they all offer different features, deals and of course all have different communities.

How do I contact Free Bingo Bonanza?

You can contact us here.